Empower Women

More than 100 mediation service programs across 12 districts of Pakistan

The Syed Foundation practices an integrated approach that promotes gender equality across all programs. We have transformed thousands of lives through evidence-based programs that focus on expanding women’s economic opportunities, increasing women’s rights and security, and advancing women’s political participation.


  • Increased participation of women in elections, public leadership, and decision-making
  • Expanded opportunities for women’s entrepreneurship, education, and employment
  • Improved rights and security for women

Expanding women’s economic opportunities

Through education, entrepreneurship, vocational training, and scholarships we equip women with the knowledge and skills to earn an income and break into higher-paid employment sectors. In the workplace, we address constraints faced by women entrepreneurs, providing networking opportunities, mentoring, access to information and credit, and business management training. Working alongside local partners we foster environments where women can advocate for improved policies.

Increasing women’s rights and security

We work with individuals and communities to change norms that perpetuate gender-based violence and the exploitation of women and girls. We engage government and civil society to strengthen laws, legal systems, and other response mechanisms to increase access to justice and improve service delivery. A leader in the fight against human trafficking, The Asia Foundation has pioneered initiatives to combat trafficking in nearly a dozen source, transit, and destination countries.

Gender equality

We are committed to advancing gender equality throughout our programs and institutional practices. The Foundation recognizes the importance of gender-responsive international treaties and agreements, and incorporates gender analyses into project and program design, implementation, and evaluation through the Gender Smart Initiative.