Because Only Together We Can

Build a World Where All Are Safe, Strong & Valued

What We Do


— We Find & Fund

Since its inception, the Foundation has been working for rescue , relief and rehabilitation of different factions of the society mainly orphans, prisoners, widows and destitute people.

— We Build Networks

Embedding schools in the heart of urban slums & rural communities, We conduct career counseling sessions with our graduating students to help them attain their academic & professional goals.

— We Strengthen

We want society to make the transition towards understanding that our Divyang brothers and sisters want equal opportunities. We are geared towards meeting the different needs of the physically challenged persons.

— We Educate

Education remains a beacon of hope for our youth, our children and our nation. Yet the problem of illiteracy and lack of quality education is a reality in Pakistan. We at Syed Foundation work tirelessly to make the goal of universalization of education possible.

— We Provide Care

Health is wealth, but many of the low income and poor households of Pakistan lack access to even basic healthcare. We offer our funds to the poorest of the poor, so that they can access basic healthcare facilities.

— We Consult

The Foundation believes in rights, equality and respect for all human beings without any racial, ethnic and religious discrimination. The Foundation respects national and international Values in all of its projects and activities.

Who We Are

While Pakistan has experienced rapid economic growth and substantial poverty reduction in recent years, governance, security, and social challenges remain.
Our programs foster greater participation of all citizens, with a focus on women and minorities, to ensure that the benefits of Pakistan’s economic prosperity are broadly shared. We work with local partners to strengthen the democratic political process, promote inclusive participation, and build the capacity of local institutions to meet the needs of citizens and sustain the gains of economic and social development.

Impact Stories

Julie Bishop, NGO Member Philippines.
I have seen how The Syed Foundation has played a crucial role in the peace process in the Pakistan. And I also saw the impact of the work of The Syed Foundation in Kashmir, when we visited. I could see how they support emerging leaders like myself to be more capable, so that in the future, we would be leading Asia towards progress.
Muhammad Yunus, - Prize-winning author
Fortunately, in this world there are still organizations like The Syed Foundation… who emphasize the need to build peaceful and prosperous societies. In the process you have touched many lives and contributed to the development of many Pakistanis because Nothing is more powerful, more life changing, more necessary to create a better world.